Social Responsibility

Investing in local communities to solve global challenges

We fulfill our safety mission and achieve commercial success by acting in ways that honor ethical values, respect people, empower communities and support the natural environment to produce an overall positive impact on society.

Impact Areas

Like many good things, it began with a simple but powerful idea. What if we could make the world safer one person, product and place at a time?

Our commitment to our mission drives us to achieve commercial success in ways that honor ethical values; respect people, communities and the natural environment; and produce an overall positive impact on society.

In Action

As active team  in action, our employees shepherd our corporate mission on a local level by fostering safety and good will in communities, schools, natural environments and businesses around the world. Vodalife and employees are a vital extension and the lifeblood of our ongoing commitment to corporate responsibility.


We are sharing 25% of profit of every year for Corporate Social Responsibility.